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Monday, November 23, 2015

Michael Olszewski

my work with Michael at Haystack
I had the great good fortune to spend 2 weeks studying shibori with Michael at Haystack in Summer of 2014.

Now I am excited to see his work that is part of a textile masters show until Nov. 24th at the Snyderman -Works gallery.  It is a beautiful show.

Michael's craftsmanship is flawless but never the point of the works. All the works are evocative and satisfying. His paintings/drawings/collages are made using the visual qualities of the fabrics. Marks are created by stitching, crocheting, knitting. The works are so elegant, but again that is not the point.
Michael OlszewskiThe Disturbance, Wool felt, silk, linen, metal, hand stitching, appliqué and paint, 29.625" x 29.125" (framed), 2014

Michael OlszewskiAugust, Silk, wool, hand-stitched and appliquéd, 23.5" x 20.25" (framed), 2015

Michael OlszewskiAn Attempt, Silk, linen, hand stitching and appliqué, 23.25" x 20.25" (framed), 2013

Michael Olszewski, Lisbrin, Silk, wool, metal, hand-stitched and appliquéd, 29.625" x 29.125" (framed), 2015

Michael Olszewski, A Reminder, Silk, wool, leather, cotton, hand-stitched and appliquéd, 23.5" x 20.25" (framed), 2015

Michael OlszewskiThe Return, 12"x 10", Fiber construction in crochet, applique and stitching, cotton, silk, linen, leather and metal, 2008

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