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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spring Madness

2 layers with drawing
Well with the earth warming up pushing forth wild and rampant growth,  this is surely not a time for minimalism. I have just unleashed a most baroque response to spring. My original influences were the acid greens and grape hyacinth in the back yard.  I drew on a screen and then printed it when dry. Well that was just the beginning. I was working on close to 4yds. of fabric... making 4 small squares... that you are seeing above and below and 2 shawls.
2nd and 3rd layer diamonds
The shawls will be 28"x72" and were begun with the same deconstructed screen.
sycamore screened over deconstructed screen

You can see that the deconstructed screen did not release as much dye on the left as it did on the right. No matter as they will be two different pieces. I am discovering that I don't much like the white to remain and so let the wild rumpus begin as I build on another two layers of color.

The next layer was a warm rose color both screened and brushed depending on where I was working. The roses will make two small squares... you can see some of the warm color on the left in the form of circles screened over the diamonds.

I also brushed on a pale cool rose violet. Now I am awaiting the results from the washer. I think that each of these will have beautiful isolated passages... but over all it is an abundant wildness. Good thing they will be folded in ever varying ways around the wearers body.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spring Retail

Silk Organza Kimono
Well April has been a great month for retail for me. Starting with a 4 day show at the Art Alliance where lots of work including three of my favorite Kimonos found new homes. One to a woman who start to finish completed the transaction and the try on in under 5 minutes. I can only assume she had her car at a ticking parking meter.

Crinkled serged Chiffon with stone washed crepe and dupioni
Mid month was Art Unleashed a fund raiser for the University of the Arts , seven of twelve pieces off to new homes. The piece above was one of them.

But most exciting of all happened through Etsy. Now I have yet to sell anything on Etsy, but the buyer from the gift store of the Phillips Collection in Washington DC found me there and we met last Friday. He  purchase a dozen pieces outright and wants more by the end of May! To say I am excited is an understatement. I first visited the Phillips on my honeymoon. I love the collection and this was a wonderful way to return. So when next you are in DC be sure to visit the Phillips and check out the Koppisch's. Here a few that were selected.

Discharged Chiffon
Silk Charmuese Cabbage Rose

Sunday, April 10, 2011

the Icebox awaits

In less than a year it will be our turn to fill the Icebox at the Crane with fabulous art work. Please be sure to be following Outside/Inside the Box.

Last night it was Victory for Tyler 11 ( Tyler alumni works on paper and poster show) and it was a lovely show and a great turn out. I meant to take photos during the opening but as many hundreds turned out for it and I was too busy socializing to take shots. I will post the images I took prior to the opening to give you a sense of the size of the space. The paper bag you see in the images was large enough to allow its 6'+ maker ample room to stand and draw his way out of it.

It really sets my imagination whirling to envision this space hi lighting the best in fiber work.

This show features works on paper from Tyler Alumni, but I am posting so fiber folks can begin to organize their thoughts to apply for Outside/Inside the Box... applications go live May 1 and are open til Oct. It is a wonderful space. The next shot shows the back of this wall and you get a sliver of the large room (the gray area) that adjoins this room.

This will be just one of the many shows occurring during FiberPhiladelphia 2012.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Gone But Not Forgotten

Navy Doupioni discharged
Saffron Organza Deconstructed and hand drawn
I spent last week having new photos taken of new work just prior to being part of the Philadelphia Art Alliance Art Wear show. The good news is it was a very successful show, the bad news is I didn't even get the shots cleaned up before I sold the work. So will post now at these babies are out in the world on their own! They are gone but not forgotten!

These two beauties went to a fellow craftsman... they looked wonderful on her! In fact the first thing she bought was this scarf... but then came back the next day for the Kimonos I couldn't be happier. She collects and sells beautiful Tribal jewelry and I am delighted that Koppischs are now part of her collection.
Screened, drawn and discharged on silk crepe.

Just as the show was concluding my fabulous assistant Brooke also made a double sale. This time it was two scarves. One will never be repeated as I made the pattern in a rice paste resist class and while I enjoyed the process I doubt that I will ever repeat it. 

It had languished in my samples drawer until I dragged it out just before this show. It paired up so beautifully with the purple crepe and gold doupioni that I knew it was going to have to be made. I was particularly excited by how the purple crinkled crepe rippled after the serging.
It also looks great when it is wrapped around your neck and shoulders but I have no shots that show that.

This customer also selected a large square of stone washed crepe that drapes beautifully.

Well that gives you a bit of an idea of what I have been up to. Will hope to post more soon.