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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Blog Hop!

Well I am jumping the puddle and am part of this international blog hop! Please visit the sites listed at the end of the post and see what is happening with pattern all around the world. 

"Bebop" 24"x72" wax resist , mx dyed, silk Habotai.

When you visit the sites you will see that while I work very differently than many of these designers our passion for patten connects us. I am busy with all sorts of patterns in this neck of the woods, but most of mine are one of a kind and created directly on or in the fabric.
Please be sure to visit
Claire Smillie who set this all up  -
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Be sure to check out my blogger neighbors.

Be sure to scroll to the end and find the entire list of artists participating in this blog hop. Enjoy and please leave a comment for those that you visit. Happy Hopping.

Here are some of the most recent scarves.

These are both small triangles.The one on the left is discharged and over dyed with black acid dye. 

The one below was navy blue basket weave silk to begin  it was tightly wrapped and thiox discharged. Next it was with knotted and wrapped and then vat dyed apple green. Vat dying is so magical as the color comes out and is replaced all in one step. That is how the pale salmon occurred.

This is the same scarf draped two different ways. It was black viscose rayon to begin with, arashi pole wrapped and discharged then over dyed blue.  

My newest adventure is learning to dye wool. I have only made a few, but am ready to go with a whole lot more. 

But my main studio effort at the moment is preparing for a show this Oct. 19th. I will have a large gallery 20' x26' with 18' ceiling in which to install "Into the Woods". I am  busy making lots of new panels... this time it will be the original habotai  silk that you see below as well as a series of new silk organza panels.

So here is where you would find me if you were to stop by the studio today.

Let’s get this party started & don’t forget to leave a little love at the blogs you visit by leaving us comments, each little one makes us smile!

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