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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Agony and The ETSY

Who knew ETSY would be such a challenge. It seems simple and affordable. But at the moment I feel like the Sorcerer's Apprentice with such a back load to up load.

 Here is how it looks in a pile... my cat prefers this arrangement.

 Below it is draped on a dummy ... unlooped.

 Twisted once

                     Finally to the right it is twisted twice. Most like the pile the cat likes to sleep on.  I printed all the patterns on stonewashed crepe. I bought all the doupioni and sheer and opaque woven silk with my very own money! It is really very handsome in person. And since it is based on a mobius strip it is hands free! The doupioni adds a really elegant shimmer against the flatter crepe and the sheer woven silk. The twisted tendrils of serged thread make it edgier in my opinion. As you can imagine the cat really agrees about the tendrils.

Back to Etsy... I know that one is supposed to dribble the postings on a few at a time... to  keep you fresh... with thousand of competitors how fresh can one be? Well I am learning... and writing the text is yet another exercise is shameless self-promotion. My studio assistant is helping with this and knows how to get the little double dots to show up in mobius. Alas she is gone for the day... so I will have to learn that when she returns on Thurs.

Here is her version lifted from etsy lets see if it prints: Well it did

These Möbius styled scarves have been described by a buyer of mine as frivolously elegant. They are hand dyed and hand sewn by me. The Möbius design allows for the scarf to always sit on a new angle so you never stop appreciating them! The patchwork has been achieved through sheer and opaque striped teal silk, and hand painted crepe lined with alternating gold and lime iridescent doupioni. The patchworked pieces has been serged together, creating lovely cascading tendrils. The pictures above depict both sides of the Mobius scarf. This scarf measures at 74x4 inches. ( opps looks like she lost the dots at the end.... she had pulled an all nighter last night. Fortunately not for me... she is still in college ahh  youth, I was in bed by ten and still tired now.