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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Pinterest/ Pattern Prints Journal

Happy 4th of July. I had a lovely greeting this morning on gmail. I had been blogged about on an Italian pattern blog. I believe that Barbara Mazzoleni (aka Birbaluna) must have first found me on Pinterest. I am not sure how she decided that I lived in NY but maybe from Italy Philadelphia is close enough to be NY.  At any rate, it is fun to realize that I have somehow jumped the puddle without ever leaving my kitchen. Here is the link to what she posted about me... if you follow this blog you will recognize much of it... but not the part about my NY residency.

On another note, getting ready to head off to Quilting By the Lake to take a workshop with Judy Langille. I will be bringing along my ever expanding inventory in hopes of finding new homes for much of it. Last summer the ladies took home lots of Koppisch's. Here are a two of the new items.