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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Excitement at The Crane !!!!

Fiber Philadelphia is quickly approaching and we could not be any more excited.  Volunteers have been at The Crane day in and day out, unwrapping works of art from all of the world, assigning inventory, and executing the show under curator Bruce Hoffman

Just outside of Space 102 , one can see Dianne's & Joan Dreyer's show entitled, "Into the Woods."  In between Dianne's 13 foot silk paintings, one can see Joan's sculptures , however, you will have to come see for yourself; we can't give it all away! 

Lastly, Dianne believes that this is the largest scarf inventory she has ever had to date.  Though the high numbers won't remain, we are awaiting a scarf frenzy.  Above are the 9 scarves we finished this week.  Dianne's studio will be open to the public on March 3 and 31st.  Come and view her scarves and studio during this wonderful celebration of Fiber Philadelphia. 

Hope to see you then !!

Francesca van Stolk
Studio Assistant
Guest Blogger

Monday, February 6, 2012

Uarts Art Education Benefit Workshop

Good afternoon readers!
You should all know by now that Dianne is very passionate about her silks and surface design, however, you may not know that Dianne is extremely skilled in another department as well.  That department being teaching.  Dianne is the art teacher you wish you had as a child, teenager, and adult.  I say this as someone whom is studying to become an art educator.  After an entire career of being an art teacher, Dianne still can't get away from the profession!  Yesterday, she led an adult workshop in her studio where she fascinated 5 people of different ages, genders, and professions.  Check out the results!  These pieces were achieved in one afternoon.

A peak at the process:

The results:

Thanks for stopping in, that's all for today!
Stay posted later within the week to see pictures of her workshop that is taking place this Wednesday!

Francesca van Stolk
Guest Blogger

Scarf Update!

Hello readers!
So you've received an in depth look at how Dianne designs her silk scarves, but you may now be asking yourself what the last steps of execution are.  Lucky for you, she's kind enough to share :)

1. Ripping your precious silks!

2. Dianne carefully chooses a color scheme for her serged edges:

3. Et Voila!  The scarf, entitled, "Electric Cool Aid" is now ready for sale!