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Monday, February 6, 2012

Uarts Art Education Benefit Workshop

Good afternoon readers!
You should all know by now that Dianne is very passionate about her silks and surface design, however, you may not know that Dianne is extremely skilled in another department as well.  That department being teaching.  Dianne is the art teacher you wish you had as a child, teenager, and adult.  I say this as someone whom is studying to become an art educator.  After an entire career of being an art teacher, Dianne still can't get away from the profession!  Yesterday, she led an adult workshop in her studio where she fascinated 5 people of different ages, genders, and professions.  Check out the results!  These pieces were achieved in one afternoon.

A peak at the process:

The results:

Thanks for stopping in, that's all for today!
Stay posted later within the week to see pictures of her workshop that is taking place this Wednesday!

Francesca van Stolk
Guest Blogger

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  1. Zowie, what a tribute!

    Yes, Dianne - I will see you at your building the weekend of March 3-4. Wouldn't miss the exhibit! My work will be at and the opening is also on Saturday.
    2040 Frankford Avenue
    Philadelphia, PA 19125