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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Faux Quilts

bubble chiffon, screen printed and painted with thickened mx.

After spending the last several months working exclusively on wool I decided to work on my two favorites silks from last season. This one is on tight twisted seersuker. It will be slightly crinkled when freed from the table, but doesn't wrinkle when packed or when it get humid.

tight twisted seersucker, screen printed and painted

My table is 5'x12' so I am able to work on two large squares at once.The prints and geometric shapes remind me of quilts.

beginning to overprint
completed overprint and brush stroke.

This one was overprinted with using a screen with a soy wax grass pattern. I also used the turquoise/emerald to paint a thin band in the center square.

bubble chiffon.
Meanwhile at the other end of the table I used the same colors but built it in a different way

This may look quite different when it drys. The final dark looking stripes are actually more of the chartreuse so we will have to see how much that shows up.  They look almost flag like to me. The chiffon has a natural texture that will bounce up once freed from being stretched on the table.

tight twisted seer sucker

Now it is the wait for them to dry so that I can steam them. They are made from liquid reactive dyes so steaming is required. Will post them when they are edged and made into scarves.
It has been a good way to get beyond January and day dream about the warmer days heading our way this spring.

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