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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Opening the packages Hemp fold

Many of these shots are blurry. They were meant to help me remember what I did. But there is still  much to be learned from them. I tried to take a shot of each step. This first piece goes from shifting the clamps and resist piece in preparation for the second dye bath... thru to finish.
rinsed but still clamped from first dye bath

Surprise... that dark piece of plastic must have had dye on it Oops.  Reclamping for second dye bath

Opening after dyeing in deep mixed MX violet. 

Fully open

I love how the purples separate and seep into the whites.  The silk once again grabbed more of the warmer colors. It took up more yellow in the first dye bath and more boysenberry in this one. I am guessing that those colors were smaller or faster moving and the blues took their time. Look at the post on the cotton gauze to see how very different the purples are.

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