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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Full House

Gasali Adeyemo
The festival of FiberPhiladelphia is in full swing and at this very moment a group of fiber devotes are taking an Indigo dyeing workshop in my studio. It is a lovely thing to see this space being used and enjoyed by so many... while I can idle away at the computer.  Indigo Arts Gallery has brought in the Nigerian Indigo artist Gasali Adeyemo to teach this workshop. Here he is busy leading his students through different tying techniques.

I think there are about 25 folks chatting and working away.

I don't think I have done justice to the crowd, but I hope it gives you a sense of the space and the number of folks. It once again confirms for me just how lucky I am to have this at my disposal!
I hope all of you will plan a visit during fiberphiladelphia. See  all the amazing shows downstairs in the Icebox, the Grey Area, Space 102, the Great Hallway and of course in Indigo Arts Gallery and then come visit my studio! All of this in the Crane, 1400 North American, 19122.

Once you are here don't miss the fabulous Art Cloth Network Show "Lines and Numbers" at the White Space in the Crane Old School 1425 North Second Street... and "Bound and Found" at Bahdeebadu 1522 North American Street.

And this is just scratching the surface of all that is taking place in Philadelphia this month!

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