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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Nick Cave comes to Philadelphia!

Hello readers!

I hope that you've all returned with an eager excitement to see updates from our last post, however, today we are going to Nick Cave's show at the Fabric Workshop.  You may be thinking, "Well, what is the correlation here?"  Quite frankly, there is none--but we must go!  "I will kick myself if I don't make it over to Nick Cave's show today," said Dianne earlier.  We are calling it an early day in the studio to catch a glimpse of his infamous sound suits.  Updated pictures of the finished fabrics and also the serging process will be available to you on Monday afternoon.

Have a lovely weekend and please check back with us on Monday!

Francesca van Stolk
Guest Blogger
Studio Assistant

Well the best laid plans.... we didn't get there in time... the city was awash with Auto Show traffic. Will try again soon ... the show is up til Feb. 12.


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