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Monday, January 24, 2011

Still making a scarf

Continuing on a scarf.

Typically I would have gotten about as far as I did in yesterdays post in one work day in the studio, depending on how long it took for the dyes to dry between layers. I will over print if they are still damp, but not wet, so that they don't smear.

I use lots of things to draw with... the image on the far left was dip dyed blue, them stretch and brushed with brown and now I am using a squeeze bottle to draw with.
The image in the center shows fabric that hangs off the edge of the table so I am using an extruder to draw over the foam brushed edge.

The image on the right shows the extruders. I get mine from my vet as they are used to give animals liquid medicines. I pay about $1.00 for them and they are great to draw with.

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